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The Barbell Clinic (Intro)

Starting at $295 per appointmentA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

In this two-hour, private session with a certified Starting Strength Coach, you’ll learn to properly and safely perform the basic barbell lifts that form the foundation of an effective strength training program. You'll get in-depth instruction on the squat, press, bench and deadlift. You'll learn how to warm up the right way, how to choose your appropriate starting weights, and how to arrange these exercises into a productive training program that is guaranteed to produce dramatic increases in strength, performance, and muscle mass. We’ll also cover basic nutrition guidelines and equipment recommendations so you’ll have all the tools you need to train effectively on your own.

Whether you're a new lifter looking for an in-depth exposure to the Starting Strength method or a more experienced trainee in need of a technique tune-up, don't wait until you're hurt or stuck. Expert instruction from a certified, experienced coach will help you do it right from day one and avoid the all-too-common mistakes and setbacks that lead to stalled progress, frustration, injuries and wasted time in the gym.

Get the maximum return on your training investment. Book your Barbell Clinic today!


  • 1st session (120 min) - $295
  • Follow up session (90 min) - $225*
  • Bring a friend - + $100
*To book a follow-up session, use the calendar below to make a reservation, and we'll discount the rate at the end of your session.

Staff availability:

Paul Horn, SSC - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Morning Afternoon Evening
Dec 18 Tuesday 0 1 Times Available 0
Dec 20 Thursday 0 1 Times Available 0